Dunkirk Movie Review – Masterpieces of the Narration, by the Narration, for the Narration

MehediHasanXFebruary 5, 2020

At first, there is nothing to say about ‘Perspective’. Suppose a cricket match is going on. From the bowler’s point of view on the field, he can see that he is fielding, seeing the batsman’s stance, checking the ball’s grip and then running to the ball. Now let’s think about the batsman’s motivation. The batsman is watching the fielding positions, he is gazing at the gaps, trying to see the bowler’s handgrip, then concentrating on the position to stand on the ball. There is another interactive, that’s the umpire’s …..

Now we do not see any of these 3 interactive players on the screen or in the field, we see that from our own personal interaction. What would have happened if all the events were seen from the point of view? One story, an incredible evolution’s realistic story. How to do this narrating the story if the indicator opens the story of three different interactive stars? What is it then? I think the answer would be Dunkirk!

World War II The fight between the Allies and the Akshay British troops continuously fighting with the Germans in France. The Germans were stuck on the island of Duncan to beat them back. At that time, due to the mysteries, Hitler gave the “Halt Order”. As a result, the Allied forces, stuck with 4 million soldiers, got the opportunity to return. But Winston Churchill, the tension growing on the other hand, is not going to send bigger ships to the British Channel for evacuation. Suddenly hundreds of soldiers are being attacked. Time is running out fast, at any time the enemy can hit the enemy, before it comes back to the house, in the middle only seawater When all the hopes of returning home come out, then the house comes near! Christopher Nolan made a ‘Dunkirk’ movie with such an incredible truth.

It is not necessary to say, Christopher Nolan. There is no adjective that can be justified by this masterful operator curriculum. This indicator has given many films that have changed the film over the last two decades including Memento, Prestige, Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Interstellar. So hoping for his new movie ‘Dunkarq’ was a skyscraper. This was the point of watching Nolan making films based on this first true story, how to stay away from a great-known star, far away from fantasy and science and how to replace a real event. That’s why Nolan used his main weapon.

– Narration.
Nolan does nothing new to Scriptwriting. Flash forward-to-Flash Back, Future> Present> Past Neration from Non-Linear Narrative Style ‘Climax’ Narration at the beginning of the movie. There is nothing that he did not make his movie script scripts. Dunkirk also presented something new. The story is one of those – Dunkirk Evacuation. Nolan has shown this evacuation from 3 different participants.

The first interactive – The Mole – 1 week

Second interactive- The Sea- 1 day

Third Perspective- The Air- 1 Hour

From the first interaction to Dunkark’s Sea Wall or Mole, the events of one week are described (May 27 – June 4). There are four million soldiers in it, by live from hand to mouth & waiting for the ships, giving place to the wounded, and the story of the British rising in the ships went ahead.

On the other side of the English Channel, British soldiers were tensioned with British civilians, and one of them was being shown one day’s story of going to Duncan by Marc Rylan’s.

Three British warplanes were shown in the third consecutive stage, who were trying to give air protection for an hour to the Duncan soldiers over the English Channel.

These three phenomena are displayed by Nolan overlap, so if the audience is not attentive then the timeline can not catch the facts. Nolan has shown the same incident three times in a while. Once again, with the eyes of Harry Styles, stuck in Duncan, another again from Marrick Rylan’s yacht, Tom Hurdy’s fleeting flight from the sky once again. That incident happened as an aircraft within that one hour, as a yacht in the sea and within a week of trying to get back from Dunkirk. Here’s the flexibility of Nolan, this is where Nolan Masterfull…..

Dunkirk ‘a very claustrophobic movie. Visitors will be shocked, Naulan at least wanted so. The sound design is that u will feel every bullet, every bombarding, every bit of fear the want you to fill. Foley artists who have done post-production history will have history. If the side of the shot could have been heard by the ear, it would have been heard that, if a bomb was thrown at least ten hands away, perhaps it would have been “puzzle” in the spoken language. If you can not listen to this sound design at Dolby Atoms, it’s very unlikely to enjoy this movie. Hans Zimmer’s score is unique. He had compensated the music of the dialogue, he was one of his finest works. It is not possible to express how impeccable the cinematography was. Whatye Van Hoetema had shot the sky, the sea and the soil, my eyes were to know the language, I would have written the eyes. Especially, the use of drone cameras in the Wide Angle in the air cabinets of the sky may not have been seen before. In the ocean-sky, each frame was made in a painting. Lee Smith’s editing cross and perfect. The scripts that are rudimentary, the work of the editors is greatly reduced. Dialogue deficiencies and uncomfortable silence have often tested patience, but I am fascinated by what has been given in return. Unlike other Nolan films, the exception is that there was no depth of characters in the film, there was no attempt at sticking to backstory or as a protagonist. But the story is where the main character, Narration where he is the royal character of the characters; there wasn’t a need for the status of the other character, whether that was the question!

As Nolan’s Dream project, everyone knows ‘Inception’ who Many people do not know that the ‘Dunkirk’ and the other nolan’s dream project. From the time he was traveling to France in Duncan with his wife in 1992, he wanted to make a movie with Dunkirk. After 25 years, his desire was fulfilled. Nolan shot almost the whole film after going to the very real Duncan Beach. There is no VFX curriculum. He made Dunkirk right in the early 1940s on screen.

In all, 106 minutes full movie is enjoyable. Do not say whether the ‘Dunkirk’ or the Nolan Oscar will be the only time. But i did not think it was just a movie, it seemed like a personal experience. Dunkirk, that may have changed the whole world’s fate!

Dunkirk – The Best Movie Of Nolan; I have no desire or capability to do such a one-sided comment. Still, I can say this – Dunkirk, movie to be read in every section of the movie curriculum. Technically Perfect This film may have allegations of emotional and character degradation, but it should also be kept in mind that if the movie is perfect, then the movie ‘Term’ would not have been perfect? The caliber viewers did not tolerate so much perfection. Moving around this perfection, movies like “Dunkirk” are available. A masterclass movie from A masterclass director.
Christopher Nolan! Take a bow!! The Greatest Narrator of Our Time. And ‘Dunkirk’ in Masterpieces of the Narration, by the Narration, for the Narration


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